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About Ethos

Ethos Global is managed by Dhwani Rawal. She has international recruiting experience in India and the U.S. The business is based in Roseville Minnesota and has a global business network with affiliate offices in India, UK, GCC, and Africa. Dhwani works closely with a team of experienced expert recruiters and HR professionals in India.


About Team Ethos

Dhwani Rawal

A female entrepreneur, Dhwani Rawal, is a co-founder and President of Ethos Global. She manages U.S. strategy, project management, policy and business development. She holds a Bachler of Science degree in Chemistry and Postgraduate diploma in computer and business management. She uses her science, computer and business background to add new technology perspectives, human resource knowledge and to provide unique value in recruitment process outsourcing.

Her strengths include identifying candidates who are the right fit for specific company requirements and culture and leveraging proven processes to meet clients’ budgets and timelines. Has experienced recruiting highly qualified candidates spans most industries.

As a recruitment partner to its clients, Ethos Global helps all sizes of U.S. based companies to find the right talent faster in a very competitive marketplace. As the U.S. leader of Ethos Global, Dhwani believes each company’s situation is unique and that this uniqueness must be reflected in their talent acquisition strategies, so Ethos Global provides customized recruitment solutions to meet the varying needs of client companies.

Hardik Shukla

A first generation entrepreneur, Hardik Shukla oversees the national and international strategy, management and business development for Ethos. He holds a masters degree in HR, as well as a Gold medal in PG Diploma in Labor Laws and Practices. His combined perspectives of HR, law, and services are invaluable to clients for adding new dimensions to their HR, manpower sourcing and business efforts.

Hardik has developed Ethos as a local platform for global businesses, and today, most Fortune 500 companies stepping into Gujarat, or conducting HR efforts here, know Ethos as the “go to” HR agency for critical missions involving senior and top management.

Ethos Global Recruitment Team

At Ethos Global, we have a team of highly qualified, experienced recruiting and sourcing professionals who serve key consulting needs across all industries. This team delivers high quality services through its people, affiliations and associates in the United States and across the globe. This team is a broad talent pool who works to source the best talent for your open positions and can move quickly to find the right candidates.


We are a trusted human resource partner providing recruitment and other talent support services that meet and exceed our client’s expectations.


We are a recruitment partner which offers services to save recruitment costs and time in hiring qualified talent to achieve your goals.


To inspire healthier organizations by connecting the right candidates to the right company and position.

Core Values

We are a team with a common objective. The objective is very simple – we exist to serve our clients so that they can deliver the exceptional value to their clients. To achieve this very simple objective we look into our values. Our values are the strands of our DNA that act as guideposts in all our actions within the organization as well as in all our dealings with our clients/customers. We are obsessed with delivering value to our clients & candidates in each interaction.

  • Customer First: All our actions and decisions will encompass our customers and remain dedicated in providing the highest quality of service.
  • Ownership: We work like we own it and foster our teams to work in that way. We will fulfill our commitments within the team and clients equally with an inherent understanding of the urgency and accountability.
  • Respect: We will work with uncompromising respect, civility and fairness irrelevant of gender, religion and origin.
  • Collaborate: We work as a team and be open to ideas from everywhere in order to apply all Intellect.
  • Intensity: We are passionate about our work and we deliver results with the same relentlessness.
  • Integrity: Walking the talk is essential at Ethos. We embrace & live with the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, honesty and trust.