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Use Ethos Global as your outside recruiting partner. With our customized recruitment service, there are several ways you can work with us. We can conduct the whole recruitment process from candidate specifications through interview management or we can be a supplement to your own recruiting resources and you can choose only the steps and functions you need us to fill-in. Our services include…      


  • Sourcing

    We have a team of experts who recruit, identify and source potential candidate profiles to assure the right fit for your job requirements.


  • Screening

    Our screening assistance helps you to reduce the time required to fill the position by freeing your recruiters to focus on interviewing and hiring.


  • Job Posting & Management

    We post jobs on multiple job boards and social media sites and help you manage responses, schedule interviews, and track key metrics.


  • Interview Scheduling

    Our detail-oriented recruiters schedule interviews based on your availability and coordinate logistics to assure interviews happen when needed for you and the candidates.


  • End to End Recruiting

    We can create the recruiting campaign including developing candidate profiles, recruiting strategy and execution, interviewing and assessment, and extending job offers.


  • Reporting and Compliance

    Our real time, recruiting dashboard provides you and your staff continuous updates on the recruiting metrics specified at the project’s outset.


  • Resume Formatting

    Our recruiters will work with you to ensure that online candidate resume formats comply with your requirements and those of your clients.


  • Background Checks

    Ethos Global has all the resources you need to support your candidate background check requirements.


RPO Succession and Recruitment Partnership

How Ethos RPO Service Work

  • You provide us a job description
  • We use both our tools and your tools to find the best match
  • We deliver candidate information into your ATS or excel sheet
  • Send every day work reports
  • Stay in touch with HR manager

Ethos Global Engagement Models

  • Fixed Cost

    Working with you, Ethos Global develops specifications and deliverables for a finite engagement and provides a fixed cost to you for the engagement.

  • Time & Material

    Ethos Global charges you a pre-agreed upon fee for the number of recruiter days and value of materials used in support of your projects.

  • Hire Dedicated Resources

    For an agreed upon fee, Ethos Global dedicates a specified number of team members to your exclusive use for a specified or open-ended period.