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What does RPO mean? Who benefits from RPO?

RPO means Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). It’s a form of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) where a company transfers all or part of its Recruitment Process execution to an external service provider. It has many unique features and benefits that help all sizes of companies to reduce their hiring cost and time. It adds more accountability in recruitment team, align best with company’s current hiring process. RPO’s customized and scalable model helps a company to reduce or increase their focus on the recruitment process according to their hiring needs. Companies pay only for the services they use.  This is how RPO can help to optimize cost.

RPO provides best recruitment solutions to new, small and midsize companies. New and small companies often don’t have big hiring budgets, recruiting teams and tools to keep up with their hiring need and to find best employees in the marketplace. RPO provides great alternatives to those who can’t afford big hiring expense or an in-house recruiting team. Using RPO is the best solution for small companies and startups who seek to fill their hiring needs for a small non-recurring fee.

It also helps bigger companies to outsource part of their sourcing or any other sub step of the recruitment process on per seat basis to achieve predictable outcomes at a predictable cost.  In this way these companies can scale their investment forecasts up or down with the RPO service provider based on their hiring volume. Some of these larger companies may also outsource the whole hiring process to a RPO provider. This approach is a good recruitment solution and enables companies to achieve their hiring goals with a small recurring fee.

Project based RPO also helps companies have seasonal or growth needs which means they have a significant amount of hiring to do in a short period of time with a fixed cost budget.   This scenario enables companies with immediate and urgent hiring needs to fill their needs faster in support of their business situation.  This approach enables companies to get a project-based quote for the types of services they require.

RPO model is a pay per performance model that must work according to predetermined goals and metrics. RPO service providers will focus more attention on all the functions of recruitment verses than those providing only placement or staffing services. RPO service providers are able to focus on one or more recruitment functions, so they are able to master the skills needed in each step of the process. Recruiters’ multi industry knowledge and sourcing skills help them to select A players who are the right fit for the company culture and requirements.  RPO quality, efficiency and alignment helps companies to improve their in-house recruiter accountability, hiring quality, and save time, so they can focus more on other core HR functions.  Overall, RPO adds value, efficiency and alignment in companies’ hiring processes.


RPO Benefits

RPO means recruitment process outsourcing. With Ethos Global, you are hiring  virtual recruiters In India to do part of your recruitment activities or the full recruitment process. There are lots of long and short-term benefits to RPO processes that helps organizations in so many ways, including:

  • Structured hiring process
  • Hiring locally around the globe
  • Save cost & time increase return on investment (ROI)
  • Scalable model which easily flexes to your hiring volume needs
  • Customized hiring solutions based on your companies needs
  • No extra infrastructure or employment costs

How could it work to hire a virtual recruiting employee?

If you hire a virtual employee at Ethos Global, they will work from our office and will follow all your organizational hiring guidelines and work according to your recruitment needs.  We provide all the support resources for these virtual employees so there is no overhead in supervision, hardware or equipment maintenance that you have to pay.

Virtual assistance from Ethos Global is experienced, knowledgeable and expert in sourcing, screening and hiring as compared with hiring  an in-house recruiter.  This is  due to the undivided attention they are able to focus on hiring only. In-house recruiters are more expert in other core business functions of HR which are very important for company. Consider outsourcing some or all of your recruitment process  to Ethos Global.

Virtual assistant benefits

  • A dedicated focus on recruitment
  • Align and collaborate with your current hiring team
  • Robust, diverse hiring skills
  • Ability to help you improve hiring metrics
  • Increase the results of your hiring efforts

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