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What we Do

 We provide the flexibility to help you recruit more, for less…

Our strategic talent acquisition solutions help human resource departments and staffing agencies expand their recruiting capabilities rapidly and cost effectively without sacrificing the number or quality of candidates recruited while often reducing overall recruiting costs.

Since its founding in 2001, Ethos Global has helped organizations like yours source and screen thousands of highly qualified candidates. Today we have more than 200 full time recruiters and four global offices. We strive to understand and implement your vision, your business values, your policies and your procedures in everything we do for you. Ethos Global creates recruitment solutions that deliver optimum value for you.

Ethos Global offers a full range of services from formulating candidate specifications through managing interviews with continuous progress reporting throughout the process.




Your Recruiting Partner

You can use Ethos Global as your recruiting partner having them conduct the complete process from candidate specifications through interview management or as a supplement to your own recruiting resources by choosing only the steps and functions you need.



  • Candidate Sourcing and Screening:  Ethos Global recruiters identify and source potential candidates’ profiles, and screen potential candidates against job requirements and candidate interest levels in the position. This helps you reduce the time required to fill the position by freeing your recruiters to focus on interviewing and hiring the right candidate.
  • End-to-End Recruiting:  Ethos Global can assume the entire recruiting process by creating the campaign including creation of candidate profiles, and executing the campaign including candidate sourcing and screening, interviewing and assessment, and extending job offer(s).
  • Job Posting and Response Management:  Ethos Global recruiters post jobs on multiple job boards and social media channels. They track job performance, manage responses, communicate with candidates, prescreen candidates, prepare and submit a short list to your lead recruiter or hiring manager.
  • Interview Scheduling:  Ethos Global recruiters schedule interviews based on your availability and coordinate logistical matters between you and the candidates.
  • Data Compliance Management:  Ethos Global recruiters collect and maintain all of the data you may require to comply with client and regulatory agency requirements.
  • Resume Formatting:  Ethos Global recruiters will work with you to ensure that online candidate resume formats comply with your requirements and those of your clients.

We have experience recruiting across most industries…

  • Recruiting Agencies: Ethos Global is providing sourcing and screening services to a recruiting agency to help them fill their clients’ positions faster and at less cost without sacrificing candidate and service quality.
  • Information Technology: Ethos Global helped an IT contractor fill more than 200 technical positions while reducing their costs by 50%.
  • Manufacturing: Ethos Global helped an auto manufacturer fill more than 1,000 hourly positions in one-half the usual time.
  • Healthcare: Ethos Global is helping hospitals and recruiting agencies source highly qualified doctors, nurses, administrators, therapists and medical schedulers in less time and with reduced costs.
  • Clothing Manufacturing: Ethos Global is helping garment designers and manufacturers find highly qualified pattern makers, designers, and administrative staff in less time with reduced costs.
  • Construction: Ethos Global is helping contractors find sales professionals, structural design engineers, architects, general laborers, and administrative staff in less time with reduced costs.


Ethos Global clients include