Is recruitment a strategy or a process/function?

No brainer? Yes, its both. However, the likely answer would be only one of the two choices depending on who is looking at it. Its a strategy for someone responsible for the bigger picture. Whereas, its a process for someone fulfilling a step within. Both are right! Yet, the rush of the day often keep those professionals in to their own silo of limited perspective. In fact, its easy to forget the obvious that strategy and process are like body and mind. One can not succeed without the other.

Recruiters, Hiring team, HR business partners and Executives, are all in need for a simple but effective implementation of this fact – its neither about the recruitment process nor the recruitment strategy ALONE! Everyone need a recruitment strategy and process that complement each other, without any analysis-paralysis like chicken first or egg!

Recent study conducted by Ethos, with 2 groups of 50 professionals each, responsible for recruitment strategy and recruitment process/function, showed that the organizations are in dire need of an integrated approach that’s not only easy to acknowledge but also easy to practice.

Ethos is further committed to weave such ground realities on an ongoing basis in to their HR Management and Recruitment related service solutions. Our experienced Ethos team of Recruiters and HR professionals are now spending 10% of their daily time in brainstorming and further customizing Ethos service solutions that delivers better business value through such practical challenges. Looking forward to sharing more updates from Team Ethos’ learnings!

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